Ancient Boar

Since a few weeks now, I am trying to understand what ‘Ancient Boar’ does. I’ve tried dozens of times to find out it’s capability but to no avail. On the card is written about having ‘Control’ of a card, but nowhere I can find an explanation about what ‘Control’ is. Does it mean having it in your deck, in your hand, on the playboard, or something else. If one of those, how do you activate it. After having put the card on the board, you get a pointer, but if you use that pointer to either click on a card on the board or in your hand nothing happens. Very confusing.
Why is there no explanation anywhere about what ‘Control’ exactly means?
A frustrated player new player

Control means you have a creature with 5 life or more on board. For example, if you place a 7/7 Verduran Force on an empty board, then you’ll notice your Ancient Boar (in hand) now costs 4 faeria instead of 6. However, if that Verduran Force takes 3 damage (down to 7/4), your Ancient Boar (in hand) will cost 6 again, since you no longer control a creature with 5 or more life on board. Ancient Board fits well in decks with bulky green creatures (5 or more life) like Grove Guardian, Living Willow, and Oakling, among others. It also synergies with Ancient Beastmaster.

That pointer you see when you place your Ancient Boar on board is for it’s “Dash” keyword. When you place it, you can choose another land tile within a 2 space radius to instantly dash to on the same turn it’s placed.

I really enjoyed starting Faeria with a cheap bulky green deck that included Ancient Boar, Ancient Beastmaster, Verduran Force, and Grove Guardian. I recommend taking a similar green deck into Practice or Casual mode to practice identifying value opportunities.

Hope this helps, and community - please feel free to correct me if I missed something!

Take care and enjoy Faeria. Took me awhile to understand all the keyword interactions and negations, so I know it can be frustrating. My best advice is, whenever you think “I wonder how this interaction works…”, just test it in practice mode so you don’t feel bad when it doesn’t work how you thought it would in a casual or ranked match.

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Very useful. As you are explaining this, I only now realise that these Boars indeed always seemed to have on ‘4’ in a black background. I only now realize that that is not their original value (being 6!). That’s why I never saw anything happening when I was putting them onboard.


Glad it helped! To clarify, you can use the Dash ability regardless of whether you play Ancient Boar at 4 or 6 faeria. It can always Dash 2 when dropped on board.

thanks for the help