Android version flaws

I would just like to gather all the information about android version flaws like bugs, maybe some missed or making players feel confused things.
I already asked SamOvar from our Discord channel and now I want to ask more people.
Well, these are the problems SamOvar talked me about:

  • Co-op player information is hidden behind the wheel;

  • There is the bug that everything lags a lot once there are 30 cards in deck in deck edition mode.
    29/30 everything’s fine, 30/30 it starts to lag A LOT;

  • Not always easy to travel in deck in deck edition mode, too thin bar;

  • When you want to see description of any card, you need to tap it and hold. Sometimes it causes that you cannot see this description, your finger disturbs it.

I want you, readers of this topic, to complete me and SamOvar so Abrakam will fix these problems and make Faeria android version as great as PC one!

Doesn’t work at all in my ASUS Zenpad 80 which is up to date with latest android version 6.0. It did many months ago. Now it says I need to go to the store and find an update which doesn’t exist. Game works fine on my android phone Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung 7.0 version for mobile phones. This is frustrating because my tablet was purchased with games in mind and plays everything else. If I want to play from anywhere but home, I have to drag my laptop as I can’t enjoy it on my phone. I notified support months ago via email, and the bug channel when it was working on Discord and have been ignored.

doesn’t work on my Tablet either, this is frustrating cuz i purchased it to play with faeria on the move. what’s are the sys req for the android app? i’ve got 2gb ram 4core 1,3ghz processor and android marshamallow. what’s are the sys req for the android app?

Faeria doesn’t show up on my playstore anymore. I have updated it thrice already, so far no problem, until now. My device also have 1.4ghz 3gb RAM and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Did they update the OS requirement? If so, well :confused: