Another daily system?

Like in hearthstone i feel this daily system is more of a chore then beeing fun, its even worse for Faeria because games are a bit longer (or they feel like that at least)

I allways feel anoyed that i get forced to play colors i dont like to play (and because i will most likly lose those games)
Faeria need a better way of rewarding their players for playing the game itself and not just for “cheesing” the dailies s fast as possible to get the gold.

How about something like:

  • after each game every player gets 10-20 gold
    –> and some extra conditions like only if the game went for at least 10 turns (which would also be a method to kill that lame lazy rush decks :P)

Anyone else having a better idear then me? ^^

I actually like the current daily system. I like that you actually don’t need to play daily and can collect up to three dailies and then complete them at once. I like that the game forces you to play different colors.

There are of course things to improve:

  1. Playing colors should rotate or have a safeguard so it won’t give you the same color again and again. Having the same quest with the same color five times in aa row sure is not good.

  2. Some rewards should be increased, like the one where you need to win without any damage to your god. For many players it is not trivial to complete and it is often just a pure matchmaking random — if you’re playing mostly agains rushes and burn decks, well, chances to get this daily are low. I guess developers should have some stats regarding an average completing time for each typo of daily, so they could then tweak the rewards accordingly.

I also like the current quest system.
I would only make one improvement : when you keep a quest, don’t get the same quest the day after, because it resets the previous one…

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Being able to swap one (and only one quest) that you don’t like (AKA you can do that every day) should do the trick of eliminating unwanted quests.
Also The Idea of EPIC quests might be interesting to add , something like Summon 445 units and adding 1 boosters as a reward (This way people that don’t need gold and just wanna craft can get materials) ; EPIC quest should have 1 week deadline.

jeah swaping would also be good, but not perfect, because you may end up even worse.