Another Idea To Fix Skywhale…


Just throwing out ideas here :slight_smile:. Tell if you think it’s still too OP cause I can fix that… :wink:

4/4 still avoids most common removal. Charge 2 makes it easier to catch and kill for Red/Green control. 10f and getting 5f back after swallowing will make it harder to summon especially in a pinch and it might open up possibility for skywhale in bargain (Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing…)


I would prefer a slight nerf over a rework of a card.


This is really silly roflmao…


Personally, I would prefer a smaller change, something like changing the cost from 6 to 7. Then, after some time, if that didn’t help, try another small change, and so on. I don’t like nerfing the card to the point it would be unplayable or drastically changing its mechanics.


I know this has been mentioned by others before, though I still like the simple idea of making Skywhale a Legendary. No change in stats - you just now only have 1 copy. You could just re-do the artwork and name as “Azure, the Elder Skywhale” or “SKA-E, Whale Lord”, heh.

I may be missing something critical, though, so feel free to let me know if that change wouldn’t help.


Well, you are definately missing the possibility of Aurora’s Creation…