Answer for DanF about RNG (Orosei/UE )

Danf, we were not complaining about RNG in general, but about two specific cards: Orosei and UE.

UE will give you on average a downgrade for the minion played on it (if you choose to use it on a buffed enemy creature). It has nothing to do with RNG not belonging in a cardgame, but the simple fact that I can play a 1 Mana card to remove a 3-4 mana Buff and reroll a creature into a different one which can in over 1/3 of the cases not even be compared by stats, because the new creature has in 1/3 of the cases a Gift effect.
The next problem is that you generally will use it on bigger creatures. The problem here is that the 7 slot is statwise pretty bad.
So by playing UE on a - for example - by an Oakling buffed Verudian Force you will get an average gain of “only” 9 stats (average 7 slot) vs the 24 stats before the effect (12/12 verudian force).

UE works as a tempo play, a desperation move and a general counter to any form of buff for just 1 Faeria.
It is less the card design which is lacking, but the average outcome for you as a player if you run into someone using that card against you.
Yes you might be fine with what you get, but that is really rare. Even if you get a well stated minion - will this minion find a place in your general gameplan?
Maybe, but that’s just an additional chance. You could now argue that a good player should be able to use the new minion to its best effect, but should we really?
The one playing UE on the minion had little to now afford to find the UE play.

UE - as a card in faeria - is just a low cost, low risk, high reward card.
If you don’t want to change it this card should be on the same landrequirement as Aurora’s trick to limit it splashability to the absolut minimum.
The rng is part of the problem, but even if you go by chance and take the median/average gain of the card is frustrating to play against.

Orosei on the other hand is just a card which can completly destroy your own gameplan or win you the game by itself. The problem with him is that
he takes up the big card slot while also needing a deck refind for him to actually work in a positive way in constructed.
The card is just not appealing to players who are looking for a big body/huge threat to close out the game.
It is - different to the other 3 dragons also designed as a “win more” card and can not be used a comeback mechanic if you are losing.
While the card might be fun it is one of the reasons Monoblue as a color is not that common.
And I think it is just sad to first have to build a deck around Orosei, then draw him and then when you finally get to play him you already need a board as well to actually gain any value from his effect.

So all in all while the tempo (and value gain) you will get by playing UE on average is just broken (even aside from the rng) and can win you the game fairly quick the same does not really apply to Orosei who needs a deck and board constructed for him to actually gain value with his Gift for the player playing him. Both effects also regardless of the rng involved.
Maybe you can now understand the problem UE and Orosei provide for us even without the “nessessarity of RNG” included in both cards.

You can delete the post after reading it, Danf

Yeah, the current UE is so great. It’s so nice when you want to upgrade your imperial judge and get colossi, or when you want to kill opponent’s fairie and get a deathwalker. The card is so consistent that I remember why I quit hearthstone. And it is also so great to spend 5+ faeria on a big taunt dude to protect yourself only to get the taunt removed by your opponent for one Faeria. I really have to wonder all these people badmouthing this card.

P.S. this post can be deleted alongside the one above. This deletion shall cost exatly one faeria and transform this post into something completely random.

“Yeah, the current UE is so great”

Oww yeah if its so great why does Europe have so many problems and why do … Oooo wait a minute that’s a completely different UE … well never mind then.

Goes back to his igloo in Bahamas.