Any chance of a proper (replayable) single player campaign?

Hi folks,

I bought Faeria over the weekend and am quite enjoying it. I really like the tactics/strategy of the mechanics (placing lands, faeria/card draw, etc.) so I’m quite keen to play more.

Thing is, I’m not interested in playing multiplayer. I’ve played the very brief solo component and was wondering if there are plans to flesh out the single player properly?

I’ve played other mobile (TCG) games before (eg: Duels) and their single player campaigns were really fun/interesting and quite addictive. I’ve got little reason to go back to the solo mission as they currently stand though, so I’m hoping that something new/fun/exciting is in the works. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing your reply.

ps. I’m already aware this is a F2P game so the Devs might not want to create an easy way to gain all the cards, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a great single player experience too :slight_smile:

Yes the Idea is that a campaign will be available sooner or later but for that to happen there needs to be an AI (witch would take time to make) right now the main focus shroud be balancing and card tweaks.
In the future Idd love to see an EPIC campaign , Puzzle scenarios and even a play as BOSS mode.

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Hi! :slight_smile:
I would also very much enjoy a longer SP experience!
I would imagine there is plans for this, but most likely quite low priority for now.

The devs are aiming towards creating an e-sports title so most of the focus will be going towards making the MP experience as good as possible. For now!

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