Any upcoming balance patch?

I know we just had one with Lord of Terror (thank goodness,) …but can we expect another balance patch any time soon?

If they would release a patch every two weeks that nerfs or buffs cards, I think that would be very unpractical.
You would have no time to adjust to the meta. I think it would shift too quickly.
I think once a month would be okay, so you could build a deck fitting to the current meta and play it for that season. So may be you have two weeks to figure out what build would be best and then another two weeks to play in the meta.
And then another change can take place.


wow, so the idea is once a month or so?

yeah I can deal with that, I guess.

The idea is wherever it’s needed. You don’t set a timer on balance changes.

when isn’t it always needed, (unless you think the game has achieved a state of perfection.)

yellow rush and burn, imho, are both very OP and need to be addressed, for example.

Were you to change balance too often, no meta could clarify and game would die off due to lack of stability and implacability. Sometimes slight imbalance is better to ber left alone until there is enough of things to change to release a bigger patch all at once.

As for your personal opinions as to OPness of any deck, your repeatable topic on the matter were clear enough as to answer, I believe.

Neither of the finalists in the monthly cup brought either of the two decks you think are OP. I very much doubt they need to be nerfed

That’s a very good point Ramora and it tends to get easily overlooked. The top players aren’t exclusively playing these so called OP decks yet they remain competitive and at the top. Maybe all this complaining about these decks comes from the lower rated players who lack the experience or knowledge to effectively play against them. Not trying to put anyone down because I also fall into that category, however when I watch these streamers play different decks and beat these OP decks it gives me hope knowing that I just need to get better and learn more. In the long run skill will overcome luck, we just need to be patient because there are a lot of nuances to learn in Faeria.

they can say whatever they want; there are doubtlessly a few to several small tweaks that would improve the game.

Finding them and not making a further error is the hard part.

P.S. I am not convinced that these players can successfully fend off yellow rushes in a surprise match-up more than 50% of the time. Jok3r’s video proved an 80% win-rate, and I think as high as rank 1. Haven’t seen much evidence to prove otherwise, except for a lousy ‘tutorial’ that suggests you block off access to your wells, which merely reduces your likeliness to win from [impossible] to [very unlikely].

mono-red (burn and removal,) is also somewhat OP,

and mono-blue is second OP.

in my opinion. IF I CAN HAVE ONE.

I think that very minor tweaks affecting these archetypes are necessary so that people can sort of go back to crafting their own decks, and we can see some more variety in play. …I think they intend to create a game that is won more by player skill than by certain few or several decks with some overpowered cards.

Anyways, I don’t understand why anyone should get all puffy about asking about balancing. It’s a good and warranted question, and if you love the game, then of course you want to know.

Well you can argue the point about yrush, I agree that it does do very well on ladder.

For mono-red though, there is just no evidence anywhere that it is even close to OP. While I know that it is a popular deck in the lower ranks, when you get to the higher ranks no one at all plays it. It gets flat out countered by anything playing a forest, doesn’t do as well against mono-blue as people think and is all around not that strong of a deck. If I wanted to play red on ladder I would rather play RG warstorm or a RY combat burn which are both much more powerful decks in my opinion.

hmm, there is a certain hand I am thinking of which basically involves following firestorm and hellfire (-3 all creatures, deal 9 damage randomly.)

I first reached God rank within two weeks of playing Faeria. At first, I played lots of Y rush and Red burn, but I quickly found out both of them get shut down by remotely midrange decks that play healthy minions. Even the beginner green deck formula is pretty good against Y rush and mono red burn. (Yes I play tested with friends) Hence I almost never return to them. Perhaps your hate to these decks are related to you decks and your plays.