Anyone interested in playing Renowned Explorers? (Giveaway)

I really like playing Renowned Explorers and wonder if anyone is interested in giving it a try? It’s got a small but very friendly community and the devs are probably the most friendly I have encountered in my limited gaming experience. It’s for sale on humblebundle now and since I can give all proceed to charity, I don’t mind buying it to get more people into the game. The game’s second and probably final expansion will be released soon and you can get the expansions for a good discount in probably a month or two if you like it.

TotalBiscuit gave the game a glowing review and saved it from obscurity in 2015.

Edit: Someone messaged me about condition for the giveaway.

There is no condition, just that I would like more people to enjoy playing the game I love. I only want someone who genuinely wants to play and not just looking for a freebie. No pressure to keep playing if you don’t like it. There is no further obligation.

Some resources for learning the game Treasure Guide. Spoilers galore. Shop List for gearing up your crew

You can ask me questions too, the encounter/battle system takes a bit getting used to

Details of how Encounter/Mood works, you need to play before you can understand this

TotalBiscuit has done some wonderful things for the gaming community. Looks like fun @xploring !

Want to play? It’s fun, and not as casual as it looks, especially with the expansion.

I’m okay. I barely have enough time to play Faeria right now! Thanks though.