AP pre-order and recruits

Hello fellow Faerians,

I pre-ordered the Adventure Pouch and invited two friends using their e-mail addresses.

First of all, neither does get shown in my list of recruits, although one of them already completed the tutorials. She also added me as her recruiter via the friend list, but we both didn’t get any Battle Chests.

Second, I tried to view the screen which shows the status of my order and the invitations, but I always get an error 500 and the “You shouldn’t be here” message.

This really is a shame, because I love the game and was looking forward to getting some free stuff in addition to the upcoming expansion.

Any help in this case?

Hello Wastelander, the homepage has been acting up a little the last days, so maybe some data got lost somehow. Email support@faeria.com and explain the situation and they will help you out :slight_smile: