Aquablad's Card Review - Time of Legends

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This week I will review the six new cards that were added to the game following the Adventure Pouch announcement. Throughout the week I will give you guys my opinion on each card. Every article will have a list of decks which give these new cards a home.

The last card of my review will be the legendary card, Time of Legends!

Time of Legends is Faeria’s first tutor and lets you draw a legendary from your deck. You don’t get to choose like traditional tutors but you can build your decks to have one legendary, making the card consistent. The second part of Time of Legends effect stops the card from being a dead draw if you have already used your decks legendary cards.

On paper this card looks insane but in practice it tells a different tale. Faeria’s legendary cards are very ‘honest’. What I mean by this is that their power-level is reasonable and it’s rare a legendary card can single-handedly win you a game.

Aurora, Mythmaker is by far the best legendary because 6 attack challenges most creatures in the meta-game. Having two opportunities to draw Aurora can be very powerful. If legendary’s were at the power-level of Pandora Treasures then perhaps Time of Legends would be an auto-include in most decks.

As powerful as Time of Legend may seem there’s a strong chance it won’t make the cut when deck building. This is for two reasons:

  • How important is finding your legendary card?
  • Will you have space in you deck? Are there better tools than finding a legendary?

Unless your deck is built around a specific legendary or has event synergy then this card might not make the cut.

Time of Tarum

Tarum has been waiting for the day a deck is built around him. Many have tried and failed by Modgnik has built an interesting One-Turn-Kill Tarum deck (no surprise from Modgnik).

Time of Legend gives you two Tarum draws making the combo more consistent. With this deck you want to stall and defend at your Orb until you can play Tarum.

Once he’s down you will want to Feed the Forest to activate his Last Words. Once the world is filled with forests you can play an Oak Father next to their Orb. On the following turn you can go for a one turn kill with Gabrian Enchantment. After Tarum’s Last Word’s your Oak Father will easily gain 20 to 25 health. This deck isn’t competitive but is a lot of fun!

Event Synergy Decks

Time of Legends is a one cost event which gives it great synergy with Event themed decks. This will provide a cheap power up and fetch the legendary in your deck.

These decks aren’t built around Time of Legend but still have synergies. In Blue Green Events you can find Aurora and in Yellow Events you can grab Khalim.


Time of Legends is a great card that has a lot of potential in the future. The power of legendary’s will have a huge influence on this card seeing play. The new cards from the Adventure Pouch might influence players to find space for it in their decks.

My rating for this card is…

That concludes my card review! I hope you enjoyed the series. I look forward to reviewing the exciting new cards that will come with the Adventure Pouch!

Thought about crafting Time of Legends but now I’m conflict:D

wait, so it’s almost as if you were running your legendary at x2 instead of x1 ??


Not exactly. But if makes it (not really, but more or less) twice as likely to be able to play your legendary if you have 1 in your deck. :slight_smile:
So it increases your chances at drawing your winning condition I guess.

I know right ? Soon you’ll discover that every single card is OP :stuck_out_tongue:

think the point you made @Aquablad is absolutely true about the power level of legendaries being very honest. Coming from other card games it was actually quite surprising to see how a lot of decks run very few legendaries if at all because they aren’t super OP like in other games.

I think the point about legendaries is that they have interesting mechanics/abilities that make them unique and not necessary op. Although I they do single handedly swing a game in the owners favour - which is kinda op.
But epics and rares build the foundation of the deck.