Aquablad's Card Review - Triton Trainer

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This week I will review the six new cards that were added to the game following the Adventure Pouch announcement. Throughout the week I will give you guys my opinion on each card. Every article will have a list of decks which give these new cards a home.

The second card is Triton Trainer.

Triton Trainer is potentially the best card of the six. A four Faeria, 3/3 Jumper offers a solid creature with mobility. These stats line up with the popular Water Elemental which is a great card itself. Triton Trainer’s Jump ability makes him a great Faeria harvester and aggressor when challenging your opponents creatures. The three attack and life allows Trainer to survive a clear on a Frogified target.

Much like Long-horned Yak, it is Triton Trainers ability that makes him so powerful. When he comes into play a Gift is triggered which empowers the next Jump creature you play by +2/+2. Not only are you getting a solid creature but you’re also extending the power of the next Jumper you play.

Triton Trainer has single-handedly made Ninja Toad a viable card in Blue mid-range where as before you didn’t see it outside of Toad One-Turn-Kill. Blue is no longer subjected to just control and has stronger mid-range options.

Battle Toads is powerful on its own and considered one of the best comeback cards in the game. Two 2/2 Jump creatures for four Faeria is tremendous value. If Triton Trainers Gift is active then your first Battle Toad will get the power up! When summoning your frogs keep in mind the first summoned Frog will become a 4/4. This could will be very important in your positional play.

Blue Mid-Range

Before Triton Trainer entered our lives Blue mid-range relied on building around Ancient Herald. It was common for decks to run cards like Queen’s and King’s Guard, Tyranax and the Enchantment package. Not anymore! Triton Trainer has changed the way Blue mid-range is built and Jump creatures are the new kings! Ancient Herald can still have a home in the deck and still triggers on the powerful Mystic Beast. Causalidad has been fine tuning Blue mid-range before Trainer was released and has updated his list.

Another style of jumping mid-range uses event synergy with Snowstorm Lancer and Aurora’s Disciple.

This version offers a snowball style of play thanks to the power up of Triton Trainer and the use of events. Snowstorm Lancers are durable on their own but as a 5/7 they have massive reach combined with event cards. This variation was popular on day one of Trainers release but most players have leaned to the version above.

Blue Yellow Twin Souls

The Triton Trainer/Jump package is a strong inclusion when creating dual coloured decks. Ranma has had fantastic success with his Twin Soul deck reaching rank #3 God. Yellow only has one Jump creature, the Oradrim Fanatic.

Fanatic offers additional mobility for your Jumpers but also receives the Trainers power-up. His Gift is fantastic with mobility keywords like Jump and Charge, giving your creature incredible reach when moving around the board. This is Ranma’s God Rank #3 deck list but check out his hub post for more information on playing the deck.

Green Blue

This concept is niche compared to the decks listed above. Green has access to Ruunin’s Messenger and Feral Kodama.

Ruunin’s Messenger is easy to pull off because he only costs one forest to play. In fact, if you like the Messenger you could splash him in Blue mid-range. Messenger’s ability may require more forests depending on what she gives you.

Feral Kodama unfortunately will have a hard time pairing up with Triton Trainer. The four forest cost makes it very difficult to play outside of a mono Green deck.

Apex Predator is the dual colour beast for Blue Green and does pack Jump. The question is: does he need even more stats from Triton Trainer? You could potentially build an Apex deck with the Trainer package but this deck would benefit more from ramp cards like Windfall and Stormspawn.


Triton Trainer has given Blue a push in power and has allowed the colour to break out of its control shell. It has amplified the strength of the Jump mechanic and can possibly be a staple in any Blue Jump deck in the future. The card design is simple but effective providing Blue a powerful evolution of their mid-range archetype.

The rating I give this card is…

That concludes my review on Triton Trainer! Up next we have Seifer’s standard-bearer, Herald of War.


I enjoy these card reviews! Thanks Aqua :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the yellow one!

Great card, great synergy with jump creatures and mid-range decks.
Thx Aqua :smiley:

I think my favorite is the second blue midrange deck. i’ve always loved snowstorm lancers and this just gives me more reason to play them.
Aquablad, your reviews are great and insightful. i hope you will do the same for the thirty new cards coming with the adventure pouch. :slight_smile: