Are Emotes in Mythic Chests?

Hi, I wonder if are there Emotes in the Mythic Chests? I never found one in there.

I ask this because I have some complete Cosmetic Sets, except for the Emotes; for example I have Avatar, Orb, Card Back and Wells of Sharra and Seifer, but no the Emotes.

I don’t wont to spend more than 100k shards in the shop to get only the emotes.
Maybe you can discount Cosmetic Packs for those who already have something of that Pack, or you can add the Emotes in the Mythic Chests (if there aren’t).


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The emotes are only available if you purchase complete sets. What’s more, they don’t trigger unless you are using all the items in the set!

This is probably for roleplaying reasons. There have been lots of player requests for more custom emotes that will be purchasable separately, but so far they haven’t been implemented.

Another thing that puzzles me is: Why are lore fragments sometimes included in Mythic chests? They can be gotten for free by completing quests! All these fragments do is occupy valuable space which could be taken up by another card or a cosmetic item. We are paying for the chests after all!

I’m not asking for more custom emotes, I’m asking for completing the Cosmetic Packs without spending more than 100k shards (other the shards I already spent for buying the Mythic Chests).

Yeah, I agree. For example, Heroes of the Storm offers purchasable “bundles” of characters, skins, etc… If you have any of the contents already, your bundle price is discounted accordingly. I’m hoping they expand the shop so you can see many more cosmetic items, lore pages, or emotes. Since the B2P shift, it seems my only real options for spending shards are Mythic Chests (random contents), Mythic Pandora Runs, or whichever few cosmetics or crazy-expensive character sets are featured each week. If they listed all available cosmetic items, they could have weekly sales on select items. I think many more players would be willing to spend real-world money on in-game currency, if they had the ability to buy specific items on-demand.

Then again, many current players are likely veterans with loads of in-game currency now. If we were given the option of buying specific items, we may buy just the ones we want, have leftover shards, and never be inclined to spend real-world money.

Hmm, we’ll see what the future holds!

When Oversky first came out, they Did offer discounted prices for those who already unlocked part of the content.
So it’s actually very likely they will do it again.

I very seldom see people using full sets with custom emotes, unless they are super-vets who have been playing since beta and reach godrank every month. The only exceptions are Bomb-r and Kaios sets. One is promotional, the other much cheaper than the rest. The fact they haven’t added any new ones to the shop means it’s not worth it for them.

Limited choice is a good thing - it lets you see everything that’s on offer without switching tabs. And the new daily schedule is a huge improvement! The first thing I do when I log in, is check the cash shop :slight_smile:

Haven’t you noticed the items in the shop are always a fixed price, determined by the rarity value? There’s no such thing as a discount in that shop. At least they let you buy the stuff with shards if you want to…