Are other people finding Pandora too much of the same?

I first thought Pandora was really exciting and I will find all the strange decks in the world there.

However, 5 options per pick meant extremely high consistency and you don’t have to make strange picks to win.

I am seeing green cards in almost every opponent I encounter and many games end up with whoever casts more elderwoods win.

As I side effect of course, when green gets locked, winning becomes generally more difficult.

How are other people finding it?

I like it so far !

The consistency is a good thing from my perspective. Last game I was playing against someone who played an early Ruunin, the Relentless. It’s insanely powerfull in that setting but since I managed to make a better deck overall I was able to win regardless.

With less consistency it’s more about the few big choices instead of the mass of little ones.

At least it’s my opinion. ^^

I enjoy it when I play it, but I do agree that it would be a lot more exciting and have more appeal to start a run if it were mixed up a bit more, however I don’t think simply reducing the number of options per pick would improve things.

A lot of people prefer to play Green because the current Green cardpool is very consistent; pretty much every Green card works in a standard mid-range Green deck, so you can’t really go very wrong, whereas if you try to draft a 3-Wishes deck… you may be disappointed.