Are Pandora "marathons" necessary?

I’ve been having no luck with my Pandora runs. Even in single-player, I seem unable to score the full 9 wins. One of the reasons could be that I get tired and lose concentration after about 5 or 6 consecutive battles, causing me to make mistakes…

Then I remembered something. On one occasion, I needed to quit the game while in the draft (card selection) phase. When I logged back into Pandora, I was able to continue right where I left off - literally, from the same screen! Which means it is probably possible to exit in the middle of a run (let’s say, after 5 games) and continue later.

The relatively high cost of a full Pandora run means I don’t want to risk testing this theory myself. If anyone of you has done this already, please tell me.

Also, if it is possible to exit and continue later, does it have to be on the same day, or can it be next morning (i.e after the 24 hour reset)?

Yes, it’s possible. I don’t know what’s the max you can delay it (surely more than 2-3 days, speaking from experience), but you can play Ladder, Solo or anything else between Pandora Run games. Even exit completely and go to bed. (Which I definitely should, but never do)

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You can leave whenever you want, your Pandora run won’t go anywhere without your consent. You can play 1 Pandora game every day and log off inbetween, you can start a run then not play for a week and it should still be there. It would be a terrible if you had to grind for consecutive hours, but you don’t.

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That’s what I was hoping for. Thanks for the replies, everybody!

My current Pandora run is a month old. :flushed:


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