Are there any plans to bring Faeria to mobile?

As far as I know there is only iOS/Android tablet version so a version for smartphones would boost the game’s popularity substantially since it’s only competitor is Hearthstone. And even though HS is very popular on Google Play people are leaving it regularly because of low quality of it’s mobile application (done by some Korean studio outside of Blizz I believe) and lack of interest in balancing on developers part (old cards just become obsolete after a year). You’d catch all these fish swimming down the river. Besides mobile Faeria would finally give me something to do during boring lectures. :slight_smile:

I would personally really want this. I have an iPhone but not an iPad so that would mean I could play faeria on the move without having to buy another expensive oversized Apple product :smile:

We are all waiting for the android release since months and months.

They had perfect version on android that still run on Belgium and Canada but for a strange reason they don’t release it on other country.

I played on the android beta and the app was perfect.

It look like Abrackam want to suicid the game on Oblivion.

I wait again and again, patch, expansion and more important the release on mobile !!

To be honnest i’m a little angry now.