Are you sure?

It’s a pet peeve of mine, games that constantly double check whenever you click on something! If I’ve clicked Cog > Exit, you can be goddamn sure I want to exit. In fact, in 150 hours of playing this game, not once have I got that far and then gone “Oh, no, that’s not what I wanted to do at all”, because I’m not a moron (mostly) - and if I ever did, it would be worth having to log back in again to avoid the Are You Sure’s the other 99999 times!! So pretty please with sugar on top, get rid of the double checking - it’s annoying and pointless.

I also think it is kind of annoying. But I kinda don’t care if its there either. Just my 0.02$.

So just to make it even fking worse, they now and a fking Are you Sure to Surrendering!!! What the actual f**k? Do the devs think we are all utter monons that can’t control our mice?!??!

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Mr_Bump, you’re being a belligerent asshole. Not that you’re that wrong, it is most of the time, just an inconvenience to have to confirm an action, but you are not the only player of the game. And is it really that annoying?

I don’t think I have ever even noticed such a minor detail.

I think my index finger can handle it.

Wow, who taught you to speak like that, Mr Bump and Cynic? You must be the terrors of 1st grade. I can’t begin to tell you how impressed everyone is to see you using those words to such effect.

I agree that it’s pretty hard to accidentally click “Concede”.

I also think that “Quit” should concede and exit the game. If there needs to be a button to exit without conceding, then there should be three buttons. The only reason I can think of is to restart the game and fix a bug, which could be done automatically with a “Refresh” button.


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