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TL;DR - Use Failed Experiment -> Ruunin and Aurora’s Creation -> Ruunin to buff your Illusions.

#What’s in the Deck?
##Core Cards:

[Card=190]Ruunin the Relentless[/Card] - The only Legendary in the Deck. Weak to Blue transform effects and Green’s [Card=364]VoT[/Card]. On the other hand, she is not that bothered by hard removal as she just comes back stronger. While she is the main material to buff Illusion, Ruunin is also a great late-game creature, faeria acceleration (with [Card=188]feed[/Card]), and the Dash helps to place that aggressive lake for [Card=369]illusion[/Card] as well as position herself for aggressive/defensive plays.

Illusion of Grandeur - Late game finisher. Weak to transform, hard removal, and VoT. Gets buffed by Failed Ruunin, copied Ruunin, and Dark Stalker. Make sure that you are able to place a lake that your Illusions can charge from and land on opponent’s face.

Failed Experiment - This plus Ruunin is the combo to buff Illusion. Doing this twice is usually enough as it brings Illusions to 10/10 at the very least. Using all three FE’s will bring your Illusions to 18+/18+.

Aurora’s Creation - Primarily used on Ruunin to give +4/+4 to your Illusions, but also to multiply your ruunin’s on board. In the mid-end game against Red, Green, and Yellow who don’t have transform effects, 3 Ruunins will quickly overwhelm them. Also, when you pay the 5 faeria to resummon the Ruunin copies, they would be at 6/6 already.

Feed the Forest - Used as a ramp card on a super powered Ruunin or on a super buffed Illusion. Ideally, you would want to Feed a 8/8 or more Ruunin. Alternatively, Feeding a 18/18 Illusion gives you enough faeria to put down two more Illusions and +1 to use Aurora’s creation on Ruunin. Also provides a bit of card draw to look for your other combo cards and/or the Illusions.

Earthcraft - Since the full combo requires 6 special lands, you would need all the help to accelerate your land development. Provides a bit of card draw as well.

##Tech Cards
Aurora’s Disciple - Since the combo is so event heavy, Disciple can greatly benefit from it. Average early game collector and can snowball into the mid-end game if not dealt with by the opponent. Also a potential Feed target if need be (though not ideal).

Dark Stalker - Similar to Disciple in that it benefits from the deck having a lot of events. It also buffs Illusion as a secondary benefit. Great in your starting hand as player 2 since you can play Explore -> Lake -> Dark Stalker.

Wisdom, Shifting Tide, Time of Legends - Draw events that synergize with Disciple and Aurora and helps bring out your combo. The draw is necessary especially since you already so much faeria ramp.

Hold the Line - Again, event synergy. It gives you cheap and decent early collectors that can also defend and heal against rush decks and aggro-burn decks. Is also helpful as a late game draw when you are racing against your opponent.

Frogify - Just a plain good card. (and if you haven’t guessed yet, event synergy too).

That’s nice guide and deck of course.

Like it!

I have all the epics this deck has except for one failed experiment so I decided to try it. What I have to say is this deck absolutely does not work without Time of Legends. That’s a shame I can’t afford it.