Asking for advice

Hello all !

I actually miss near 15 rare card to have them all in in x3 (i’m level 290 actually).

Do you think it’s a good idea to craft them all to only have epic or legendary card for next +10 level ?

Thx :slight_smile:

bad idea :slight_smile:

when you get a reward every 10 levels, first the game choose a rarity (rare, epic orleg.)
if you have all the cards of that rarity, you’ll get gold instead :
3200 for leg
800 for epic
200 for rare

so unless you prefer to have gold, just wait for normal reward, the nice part is that you are guaranteed to have a card that you do not own during those 10 level rewards.

Ooooh oki.

I was think that if you don’t have rare the game propose you epic or leg.

So yes bad idea !

Thx a lot !