At an impasse

I’ve recently started playing this awesome game (3 days in so far) and I’m stuck on a decision regarding what to do next because of the the recruiter scheme.

I’m already level 30 and found out I’ll be missing out on rewards simply because the recruit has a level limit.

I’d like to optimise both my gameplay and my money spent, going forward I have to ask the question do I make a new account? I’ve done some quick math and I’ll be missing 8 chests and 5 coins(which further equates between 10-12 chests) for a total of 18-20 chests.

That’s 20 000 coins I will be missing simply because I didn’t know (and partly this is my fault for not properly researching the game).

How rare is a legendary mythic? I opened one of those from the tutorial chests among some other shinies (garudan) and is one of the reasons I’m holding back, should I wait till the level for entry is made up higher (understood that 15 limit was recently added and before it was 5) and postpone my play till then?

I wouldn’t make a new account just for the recruited rewards. You can always recruit someone else to make up for it.

Legendary mythic is the rarest card, wouldn’t bet on getting one from 20 chests. You can disenchant it to get any one Legendary plus one Epic. Garudan is one of the best legendary, the chance of getting it again in 20 chests is not great.

Did you put the code “FaeriaKripp” in shop? 4 free chests. 20 chests is not a lot after playing for a month or two. You probably generated that much gold in the time you have been playing.


Thank you for the response, I will take your advice to heart also thank you for that coupon code, any other things I should be aware of? I’ll give the recruiting someone else a go if opportunity presents itself but my friends usually play different kind of games

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Check out youtube, twitch (top right), hub/academy, and discord channel (linked at bottom of your friendlist). There are some really good guides on youtube. The beginner thread at reddit has a lot of information. Discord is where most of the community is and you can often get instant response over there.

Monthly Cup coming up this weekend. You can get an avatar and other prizes by watching. Details will be up soon.

Save up your gold for solo missions first, then use it to play pandora when you are finished with those to maximum return in chests, this is the best way to build up your collection. You get a practice pandora coin every day but they don’t stack so use it daily to familiarize yourself with pandora. Some players don’t like the OP treasures and RNG with drafting, but it can be fun and you get to play with cards not in your collection. It also gives the best rewards.

In addition to everything xploring said already, 2 more pieces of advice:

There is a recruitment megathread on Faeria’s Steam discussions - you could find someone on there. One of Discord’s many channels, quite far down the list, is specifically for new players, so just ask and see what happens.

There are 2 kinds of Pandora - single-player and multiplayer. Both have practice and “full” modes.

Single-player practice is really easy, and the rewards are horrible, so it’s only for new players. Full single-player costs 2,000 gold (I doubt anyone ever pays gems for it), but winning just 5 games in your “run” awards 2 chests, so it’s worth it. It also gives experience, gold and Pandora Points (for end of month rewards)

Multiplayer practice is not worth it - you get nothing for less than 3 wins, and 3 wins give you part of a Pandora coin. Needing 3 perfect runs to get one is a bit steep, especially as you can’t get more than 1 practice coin a day… Full multiplayer gives such big rewards that winning just 3 games in multiplayer is better than winning all 9 in single-player. However, that’s where all the best players are - it’s brutal!

For more details, read the “Pandora Breakdown” chapter of Faeria Academy

Thank you both, I’ve already done 2 ‘full’ pandora runs and the multiplayer part I barely got 1 win while in singleplayer I managed to do 9 wins (and for now I’ll probably keep doing the singleplayer pandora for a while since I’ll have more success there until I learn all the cards and what they do, what to watch out for, what to play ‘around’ etc)

Are gems given freely/ aquired somehow?

I will purchase some gems in the nearby future to support the devs and use them for goki miner since I understood that’s the best value (I don’t really care about aesthetics I simply want to build my collection for now)

The login rewards seem to be separated into two 15-day cycles each month. For 3 days per cycle, once every 5 days, you are given a special reward. One of these rewards (apparently at random) will be an extra-large sum of gold - 600 is the usual amount. One will be a battle chest. The third is one of the following: a mythic chest, memoria (shards) or 325 gems.

There seems to be no way to influence what you will get, so the most reliable way to get gems is to buy them with money. The 7,500 gem package will get you a long way; the starter pack is also good value, but can only be bought once per account.

One more piece of advice - as 4 out of 5 cards in a battle chest are Common, there’s no point buying them with gems - use your gold instead :wink:

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For crafting/rerolling guide, check out:

Pandora guide:


luuu’s videos are really good. But you may need to play for awhile before you can understand some of them.

Thanks a lot! I’ve already gotten started on watching some of the videos as it seems my newbie deck did reach rank 11 (don’t know how good that is but I’m feeling confident)

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