Attacking totems does not count as "Combat"

So I was playing a solo and was hoping to get enough resources to summon that volcanic Colossus next turn (3 base + 2 from wells on the right since my unit on the left will probably die + 2 from Underground Briggand’s effect) however after I attacked the totem I did not get 2 resource, as you can see from this screenshot, it’s the last loged action and my resource is still at zero. Not sure if this is a bug or if it’s specifically intended but would love if someone cold clarify since attacking something should, technically, count as combat whether it fights back or not.

Apparently attacking the enemy God doesn’t count as combat either 2 turns later.

From the in game tooltip:

Combat: Card effect is triggered whenever this creature fights another creature.

So, fight structures or orb doesen’t trigger the Combat ability.

well that’s kinda lame =/

Not really : Structures can’t defend themselves, that would be strange to consider that as Combat, that’s a demolition job :wink: