Aurora Tricks? Crap or Utter useless crap and should just be removed?

Is it just a crappy card? can it cost less islands and steal creatures with 3 attack?
Please?! its soooo bad

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Are you kidding ? it’s so strong ! It can steal Krog, mate !

Well, on a more serious note, it would be broken if it stole 3 atk or less, but 5 lakes could be reduced indeed :slight_smile:

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who uses krog? and krog isnt good either

It is indeed a weak card.
I might be wrong here, but it used to be decent until they changed humbling vision :slight_smile: Now its pretty useless :smiley:

That was a joke (Krog is a common joke here) :slight_smile:

But I do feel that this card is not a good card, but also not as bad as people think. The 5 lake requirement is quite high, which prevents it from being played early when it has the most impact, but it’s nothing rare to have 5 lakes later. The problem is that it won’t help you against a Garudan or a Groundshaker.

But one should be very cautious when buffing this card, as it has the potential to be broken, especially with lesser land requirements : take early control of opponent’s harvester not only cuts his harvesting, but you can Aurora/Phantasm the creature, and you have a threat deep into his territory, able to build deep lands, contest the wells easily …

But even if you use it on an opponent’s 1/1 that is double harvesting, then you gain a bit of an advantage, especially because nobody expects that :slight_smile: The only difficulty is to survive until you can do this, and your opponent might not play minions with 2 or less atk :confused:

But making it able to control 3 or less atk ? no way for this cost ! Choking Sands only destroys them, and that is for 2 more faeria

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If you ask me, the major flaw of this card is that you cannot make your newly acquired creature attack or move on the same turn you took control of it…

lol had actually look up if this card was still in the game :smiley:
I think the high cost render it useless in the current meta.
May be it would be a decent card if they would lower the costs.

Auroras Trick is actually better now than when I posted my other reply (in november).

The lake requirement is not that bad now that Reaver requires 7 lakes, Library 4 lakes, Dream 5 lakes.

The cost is the same as choking sands, but the effect is SO MUCH better than Choking Sands, you dont only remove a creature from your opponent, you gain control of it. This ofcourse is balanced out by the higher land requirements and only working on 2-attack or less creatures.

There are a lot of good 2 attack targets:

But still, you’'ll often want to clear the creature out of the way. Which Choking Sands do : it clears the path, letting the tile open for you to take many placement opportunities. If you can’t move the possessed creature on the same turn you play Aurora’s Trick, the spell is most of the time kind of useless (especially when the requirement of ‘‘2 or less attack’’ won’t fit oftenly).

On the other hand, I agree that this event can really be useful and save your day once played on an Oradrim Monk or a Shaytan Assassin, for exemple. But those circumtances are, from my experience, rather rare.

My conclusion is that the creature enchanted by Aurora’s Trick should gain ‘‘Haste’’ for the spell to be potent.

Many more targets than expected, it’s actually as bad as I thought.

Oh, battle toads too, well one of the two.
And Plague Bearer, Unlikely Hero, Bone Collector, Aurora’s Disciple, Bloodfire Wisp, all 4 Faerie before they upgrade, Imperial Guard, the 2 neutral archers, Magda, Krog! :laughing:, etc.

Still very situational though, a lot of these cards attack would be buffed or they would die soon and it’s usually not worth 4 faeria and building 5 lakes to use it. 3 lakes would be reasonable I think … May be I will try to use it with Baeru…


at face value perhaps it seems you are only stealing a harvester, but you can immediately build land next to it and then further transform it.

you probably think it is awful because you haven’t used it much.