Aurora's Dream and Primeval Colossus [Bug?]

Hi there,

I looked on the forum but did not found something about it. I faced a weird thing today: I casted Aurora’s Dream, had one Primeval Colossus in my hand and two other drawn. The fact is, each of these three cards cost stayed at 9, while it was supposed to be 0 thanks to AD.

Is that normal (I mean, Primeval capacity having the priority compared to AD) or just a bug ? Thanks in advance for your answers !

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Hello, I experienced the same thing a few minutes ago. I haven’t played Faeria for a few weeks so I’ve checked the patches and none of them have mentioned anything of the sort. After a little experiment I’ve done with Aurora’s Dream I have a feeling that it may be a bug, as Aurora’s Dream reduces the cost of the other colossi. It’s a bit disappointing, even moreso by the fact that it’s a very uncommon case, meaning it propably won’t be fixed for a long time…

Welp, hope I helped in some way. Merry Christmas. :smiley: