B/Y OTK with Snowstorm Lancer and Windstorm Charger

I lost 4 times to this today, everytime dying on turn 4.

The problem is not necessarily how strong it is, but how one-sided the gameplay is. Even if I see it coming, unless I can play a removal by turn 3, there’s nothing to do from my side. My opponent can play a solo game, just hoping to draw the right cards and completely ignoring whatever I play on my turns. After the game is over, it feels like not only I lost but I didn’t even get to play the game.


Pretty sure that this combo is being cut with the next balance-patch just because of that fact: it is not fun to play against as it is purely luck/draw depending if you survive past Turn 4 - and in a game that advertises itself as really skill-intensive such a deck shouldn’t exist (especially since green can’t counter it at all if the OTK-Players draws right and Blue has to make heavily inefficient Transformations just because of the fear of combo…