Back after stopping in december

i see the game hasn’t changed much… the core of the game still works around hard counters and “win more” situations.
due to the scarcity of removal spells and the slow gathering of resources, if your opponent just so happens to have the proper counter and nullify your turn, you have little to no hope of taking back control… especially when they are able to get 2-3 more mana than you each turn due to the wells, and continuously snowball resources by drawing extra cards while you struggle to delay the inevitable.

if you play a large minion and your opponent has removal, you lose.
if your opponent plays a large minion and you don’t have removal, you lose.
if your opponent plays a deathtouch and you don’t draw your damage spell, you lose.
if your opponent is able to take one of your wells by removing your creature, you lose.

basically, 3/5ths of the game is decided by your decks; another 1/5th is decided by the opening hands, and very little comes down to actual choices each player makes… feels pretty much the same as hearthstone.

i’m sure a lot of people enjoy it, and are going to make “l2p” comments, as if i don’t understand the game after having played card games for ~5 years and the faeria beta for months… anyway, this game just isn’t for me. kind of a disappointment to see it fall down the cliché traps of CCGs, but such is life…

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Never lucky!

Idk if your suggestions would improve the problem that you perceive. If you add too many comeback mechanics, the game becomes competitively uninteresting.

I fail to see the point of such a message. As an avid card games player and beta tester of Faeria since almost a year I disagree with you. :wink: