Back to Faeria after a long time. Any suggestion?

Hi, I’m back to Faeria after a long time of inactivity (about a year).

Do you have any suggestion for me?

What are the best decks at the moment?

Welcome back! If you buy the Fall of Everlife DLC, I recommend trying out the Corrupt keyword. I’ve had fun with Imperial Trooper and Imperial Drakerider, specifically. I splash in Triton Banquet (1 Lake requirement) so my Corrupt creatures can surprise my opponent by hopping onto their lands. I also just posted a video of a green rush deck using Blightblade Knight and Deranged Monkey. It was fun! Feel free to check out my videos on YouTube. Channel name is MatrienMaru. Take care and see you in-game!

Thanks. I subbed your channel.

I made your Green Rush deck, but I haven’t yet the Monkeys (only 1 on 3), so I replaced them with Banquet :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

Since the new expansion, the meta is changing on a daily basis. People are trying new things with the new cards. I highly encourage you to do the same and forge some creative decks that might become the new meta.
Matrien’s channel is definitely an awesome source for inspiration and good decks!

Have fun!

Look at the Faeria channel on Youtube. It’s by Aquablad, the same person who wrote the Faeria Academy articles. He is always playtesting decks, and is one of the best reviewers around!

Thanks all. I followed your advise and I forged a new deck.

The deck is “Kaios’ Army”, here the link

I’ll test better in the next days and I’ll write a better guide. Any comment and advise are welcome