[Bad card of the day: Ignus]

Ignus is the first legendary i got.
I was excited.
I was happy.
I was wrong.

Ignus is the worst legendary in the game.
With a cost of 4 faeria and 2/4 stats you can trade him with the most popular removals. One choking sand, two soul drains etc… If you play red one seifer wrath + one little minion (flame splitter, underground brigand, blood singer etc…) will do it. One axe grinder or fire elemental will also work. There are just so many good trades to get against him.

But why even bother with removals when Ignus is so bad that you don’t actually need to kill him ?
If you want to use Ignus ability you can’t place lands. You are basicly killing yourself since you won’t be able to defend your orb or get some board control. Your opponent will just get control of all the wells or just go straight to your face and you won’t be able to do anything about it (well at least not if you chose to use his ability).

The most hilarious thing about Ignus is that he is actually even worse vs the most popular “slow” decks like wishes or apex.
What you gonna do with your chip dmg when the wish player got 12+ heal points in his hand ?
What you gonna do vs the apex player when he gets a huge land advantage and can one or two shots your orb ?

So basicaly Ignus make you lose vs:
All the Y/R rush decks
That’s 95%+ of the decks played in ladder.


  • Remove the “+1 faeria” condition to activate his ability. Even without it Ignus would still be a barely decent card because there are just so many heals and good removals in this game.
  • The other solution would be to buff his dmg to 3 or 4. That would make him dangerous and he could be able to clear small, mid sized or injured minions.

I have seen people complaining about him before and I agree.

My solution would be:

Production: Deal 2 damage to enemy God

Leave him vulnerable, though. If the opponent creatures come that close to him, you probably made a mistake.

H8Man has a good solution, another would be: buff him to 2/5 or 4/4, Text: Combat- Deal 2(or3) damage to enemy orb.

That might make him viable in red deck.

From my view, Ignus is not that bad.
I actually replaced my 3x flame splitters by this card.

It’s true that he is a bit too fragile though

That is why I like the proposal of @DarkShaders
(to buff him 2/5 just to make sure he does not die from 2 soul drains or 1 bomb slinger)