Bad performance (high load) on Mac

I am on a MacBook, 8 GB Ram i5 Intel Iris Pro graphics. Latest OS.

Performance of the Mac Client is quite bad. I don’t know if this is a true client or a WINE app, but it needs to be optimized.

The main problem is it is using too much power and making my fans run on high. I can play graphics intensive games (POE, DIablo 3, WoW) on Mac OS, but this client seems badly optimized.

It is bad enough that I may not play this game because it makes my Mac get very hot and run full fans. Something is wrong with the client.

Can you tell me when you might work on improving this?

Thank you.


If I may ad to this, I’m facing exactly the same problem, with the same config. Since the latest patch, my MBP gets far too hot to play the game, even if just running the app without launching a game.

For me, the problem appeared only after the latest patch.

Thanks for any answer or information,

I saw the new option. Thank you.

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