Balance the Solo: "Rappala Epic quest"

Either balance the quest or make it a legendary quest with super loot. since it is near impossible to win, either you have to have ton’s of cards to tailor a deck just for this specific fight. or maybe give the player more than 5 turns before the “no card fatigue” kills you outright. since not even with a lucky draw is it certain that you will win.

i have followed many deck guides (most often there are cards missing to even get close to it).

i mean all the other lane fights have been pretty easy until now it felt like a “massive brick wall before i needed to climb mount Everest to put a flag on top of it” type of difficulty.

There’s only Yrush for that one, I fear. It took me a few tries to complete that one, but his defences are quite weak.

One extra turn would probably be nice for this match, but honestly I did find it a really fun solo quest (despite losing over ten times). When I finally beat it, I did so with an extremely aggressive blue/neutral landgrab deck, and was able to land the killing blow due to a timing technicality on Storyteller (due to the order that the draws and heals happened). It was a really cool feeling.

Like they said, yellow rush it and get lucky. It will work.

You need any rush

The huge buff to “Hold the Line!” by way of Imperial Guards a few patches back made this tough fight even harder. Anyone who beat it more than 2 weeks ago had it easier.

Perhaps it should be re-calibrated back to a more manageable difficulty.

You can kill most Imperial Guards while Rapala is on 20 life thus negating the last words heal. I don’t really like deck building and this quest requires it, so there’s that, which is a potentially a good thing.

P.S. There is hidden value in this tough quest. It highlighted to me that many solo objectives can be completed whilst “failing”. So Rapala doesn’t really slow progress that much.

I just pilled as many neutral minions into the deck as I could.

You really need to get to him fast. Also, include your own value cards like hold the line. That 2 points of healing actually translates into another turn for you.