Balance with prizes playing Pandora

I just finished playing 2 different runs with the Pandora crystals that let you lose 3 times. My first run was terrible, which I’m not bothered by, I had a crappy deck. I got 69g 15crystals and 1booster. My issue is that in my second run I won 2 games, and I got 65g 15crystals and 1 booster. I did better but got less. That’s pretty ridiculous in my book. Doesn’t make me want to spend the time to play Pandora at all if the prizes aren’t going to reward me based on performance.

I believe that once you reach 3 wins in goes up a lil bit. I know for sure that if you do 6 wins you gain more than a pandora coin is worth (250g), 1 booster is 100 gp usually nets you around 15 crystal, for instance doing 0-3 gives you about 250g.

Edit: Also if you compare with heartstone (at least the last time I played) 1 draft run where you do 0 wins would net you a quarter of what a run’s worth. going perfect would net you the double.