Battle against casual players

First of all I am hooked on Faeria. I really enjoy most of the game.

One thing I dont agree with is the Ranked vs Casual player scenario. I understand that you can’t always play against a similar ranked player or a player also playing for rank, but it is frustrating when you’re a lower ranked player, get matched against much better casual player and then lose your hard earned stars.

For this reason I haven’t played battle mode for the last few months and I only play Pandora. I decided to give battle a go again today, but the system is exactly as it was. You win a few against similar players, and then get matched against a much better playing in casual mode and lose both your hard earned stars and winning streak.

My suggestion would be to that in a ranked vs casual player game, the ranked player should not risk losing stars, and should only be able to gain stars if they win.

I understand it’s disappointing to lose stars but there are upsides to playing casual players too. They are often experimenting with non-meta/meme decks so the ranked player is more favoured to win by deck matchup. Do what you enjoy in the game of course, but if you are worried about losing stars but like constructed mode, why not play casual too? There was a guide about ladder anxiety and it recommended playing a few games in your comfort mode first then challenge yourself on the ladder. Hope that helps.

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Ty for the replying. I still disagree though, even with experimental decks, higher ranked players are way more efficient than Level 20 ladder players, like myself.

We all want to be competitive, even if we only play a few hours a week. Testing your limited skills against similar players is fun, but as stated above, getting matched against higher ranked casual players and losing stars you have worked for is not fair in my opinion.

In the meantime Ill stick to Pandora.