Battle chests should be buffed

Hi, this week I opened over 6 battle chests and I only found 3 new cards.
couldn’t you make it that you have more chance to draw cards you haven’t got yet.

Faeria allows you to re-roll a card you already have, which I haven’t seen in other card games before. I think this already provides a greater chance to get cards you don’t own yet.

Without knowing how big your collection is at the moment the stats you give don’t really say anything. (Also 6+ Battle Chests isn’t really that many.) If you’re close to completing your collection, of course chances are very small you’ll find what you need in a pack. But then there’s the level up rewards, which let you choose from cards you don’t own. I think it’s easiest to get those last few cards by leveling up instead of looking for them in packs.

Ok maybe I was just frustrated because I didn’t drew anything.

If you almost have all of the cards, you can just craft whatever you still need.

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