Beginner here. Intrested in control decks

Im a Hearthstone veteran. Many times legend and generally really great player. But HS has become a ■■■■ hole recently and after trying both Gwent and Shadowverse I came to faeria. 10 hours playtime in atm. I decided im here to stay.

One thing which I enyoyed alot in HS were control decks. After doing some reaserch I want to ask you, how viable are control decks in general? The ones I saw on YouTube deck pilot and I enyoyed watching the most are:

  • B R bargain control

  • B (mono) Blue’s 7s

I want to know how hard are these decks to pilot, what should be my priority crafts and most important of all

How good are these decks in the current meta?

Blue sevens is a really good deck for most metas it can beat anything with the right draw and it can actually have fast games, the idea is to just take over all the wells and defeat your opponent through value and synergy.
Blue sevens can be built a few different ways but here’s some high rarity cards you’ll always see;
Baeru, the First Wave(Replaceable)
Aurora, Mythmaker(You can replace her, but she’s unbelievably good, best legendary in the game)
Mirror Phantasm(Necessary)

my list runs 3 epics and two legendaries, cut the legendaries and it’s decently cheap, there’s 8 rares and the rest are common.

As for BR Bargain that’s a deck that can be built a ton of ways, it’s a deck you usually put together after you already opened a lot of the cards that can be put in it
It’s not amazing in most metas and it’s kind of greedy but it’s really fun to play.
Here’s some cards that are usually in the deck;
Icerock Behemoth(Pretty much necessary)
Garudan(Replaceable but much like aurora it’s almost strictly better than all replacements)
and then some mixture of Firestorm/Hellfire usually resulting in 3-4 effects of that nature including garudan
about 6 required epics and a legendary, kinda expensive, you could cut the icerocks and blue to play monored bargain if you were short on memoria though.

My personal suggestion for a control deck? Apex, or gabrian wishes. a lot of the cards in one are found in the other deck, plus there’s a combo deck that uses many of the same cards which I find awesome.
The epic you’d see in all three decks would be Earthcraft, in two of the decks you’d find Flowersilk Faerie(That one’s replaceable with a common though). Also two of em run aurora.

If you want lists, PM me on discord and I’ll send you all three lists with a list of cards that you could put in instead of what’s in the list.