Being careful with language, and growing our community

I’d like to start off by saying that I am absolutely not singling anyone out, these are just my thoughts about things I’ve seen lately.

I understand that using terms like “cancer” and “aids” are becoming part of the gamer vocabulary. I see it crop up all the time in Overwatch and other multiplayer games. And I’m not a fan. Personally, using these terms, and others like them, when talking about cards and strategies you don’t like or have trouble dealing makes me very uncomfortable. But this problem extends beyond my own personal issues. I have very good friends, and see countless other people who are gamers, who are part of the disabled and chronic illness communities, and all of them are feeling increasingly alienated by this kind of language. Talking about cancer and aids in this way associates them with negativity, intentionally or not (usually not), and turns people away from communities where it happens. I’ve seen it happen before first-hand, and it’s not something I want to happen with Faeria. I love this game and this community, and I want both to keep growing. And the best way to do that is to keep this community as accepting of people of all stripes as it always has been.

This isn’t a call to arms, and I definitely don’t want people starting witch hunts about this. I just want people to take a second, and think about what their word choices mean for others.

Thanks for reading!


Thoughtful post. I agree. I’d also like to see Faeria break the mold in that sense by having a more positive community than in other games. If enough of us care it can happen :slight_smile:


I completely agree. This is a kind of behavior, despite its intentions, that I find very damaging to communities and the world as a whole. I would very much like to have a community that fosters quality and thoughtful topics and language. That is not to say someone cannot get a little colorful if they are trying to express emotion; but they should always choose their words wisely.


Just saying - I’ve never known people that actually suffered or had family who suffered from cancer who were bothered by something being described as cancerous. Like all descriptives it has a time and place.

I would equally worry about the fake culture of concern and white knights, because it is solely used to posture yourself as superior to other players who may have legitimate opinions.

If you try to restrict words we will endlessly be pushed back from “allowed” language and have to come up with new terms to describe the same ideas.

I’d just watch out for vitriolic or hateful people in general. Also, if the mods want to canonize some rules about this we should get that stickied so it’s clear to people what is not okay or bannable.

I agree with your points MantaRider, but I think the original poster is referring to the different between saying “this card is cancer” and saying “this card is cancerous”. Maybe this is your point as well?

I see one as an poor way of calling something “bad” which is not constructive, where the other is referring to how it could cause ongoing and gradually increasing problems. Even so, I don’t think I would suggest banning anyone for it.

Yeah, I’m not talking about banning or muting people at all. My point is that we should be taking a second to think about the language we’re using and how it affects people on the other side of the screen. Honestly, MantaRider, your point about “allowed language” sounds dangerously close to arguing against so-called “PC” culture (if this was not your intention, my apologies. My reply to that is there is nothing political about being decent to others. And yes, Robobert, that was pretty much my point. Just in general, be excellent to each other!

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I agree with your point. In all honesty I am equally tired of both sides of the “PC Culture” debate and just don’t want to see it here unless it really becomes a problem, which I have to say so far I have not seen. I haven’t been in discord yet though so maybe things are worse there than I know ! XD

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I absolutely agree! I wrote a similar post in june last year and it was generally pretty well recieved. I hope we can keep Faeria the way its been the last year :slight_smile:


Sorry for overreacting a bit there