Best Astral Weapon Ever!

Thank you Typhus for this wonderful game full of surprises and for sharing it with me afterward. I dont think I’ll ever be able to get a better Astral Weapon out. The clip should start at 3:21:30

Game Starts at 3:21:30


Haha! Love the reaction, that was quality :slight_smile:


Hahahah that was AWESOME :smiley:

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This belongs in a museum.


Really nice! Must be awesome to play it like that. :smiley:

Btw, I noticed that if you draw a treasure card, your opponent draws one of his as well (which is fine, I think). BUT, you won’t draw another card. So basically you were denied one card draw, because the treasure card was your draw and your opponent therefore draws his treasure “for free” while continuing his normal draw. (See in this video @ 3:41:00)

Is this intended? I mean, you could unterstand it as the price for being able to play your treasure card first. :open_mouth:

This is intended and it is something that has been discussed a lot. Being able to play your treasure first is very good, so for now the devs decided to leave it like this. But it is possible that it will change in the future if it proves to be a problem :slight_smile:

I might not be seeing this correctly, but didn’t I pass the turn at 3:41:00 and then, my opponent’s turn draw was the treasure ?? Dont forget in this video, I’m the one at the top of the screen and not the actual streamer.

Beside, regarding treasure, the infamous “card advantage” is almost non-existent in Faeria. I often draft around 4.7 faeria cost average in my pandora runs and with the ability to draw 2 cards per turn if need be, my hand is never depleted. Sure, it gives you more options to choose from during your turn, but frankly, I’d rather have tempo and waste my entire hand on ramp cards than having more options to choose from but no ressource to play them. So I really dont care about card advantage, I care 30% about gaining tempo, 50% about what my opponent could play the following turn to regain lost tempo and maye 20% about terrain control.

One thing is certain, I saw the Canonneer play he’s talking about in his video and I just didn’t care. As you see, he had just enough Faeria to play it and didn’t do anything else, allowing me to get lethal the following turn. Altho, if he had drawn that one treasure that kills a creature and spawns a 6/1 in its place, it could have bought him an extra turn (by blockin the space the Oakfather moved to) and the following turn, giving his giant ranged and his yak close enough to attack my creatures … but still, it was a hard position to come back from for him.

This has to be one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. :slight_smile:

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Yes, your opponent drew the treasure from his regular turn draw and got only the treasure, while you getting yours at the same time “for free” (without having to “waste” your draw in order to get your treasure). But then again, J0k3se says, it’s intended by the devs as a price for the ability to play a treasure first. So, I think it’s fine. Just wanted to make sure this wasn’t an accident. :slight_smile:

Regarding the “card advantage” of course this is about the options. Maybe I’m not as much into Faeria already to tell, but in every other card game I always considered having more options is huge (that is, if your deck is flexible enough by having various options). And why wouldn’t it? I mean, if you say it doesn’t matter which cards you get as long as you have enough resources to play any given card, then this is a serious issue, right? Because it basically means, there’s no meaningful difference between the cards. (At least not meaningful enough that it’d be worth sacrificing some resources to get more options)
And at least so far, this wasn’t my impression. :neutral_face:

I guess you gain gain tempo in one of two ways :

1 : You use ramp cards like Windfall, Deathwish ghoul, Spring Moshi, etc. to get ahead of your opponent on ressources. By doing that, since you generate so much faeria you can eventually play lots of cards, you have less options in your hand, but you have a stronger board. (or a pool a Faeria you can use for a big surprise turn)

2 : You keep many options in your hand to buff your creatures “just enough” to make the most efficient trades possible. If you force your opponent 4/4 to trade into your 4/1, you clearly come out of that trade ahead.

I prefer option #1 since it doesn’t require much interaction with your opponent and is easier to play. Option #2 actually needs you to use your options as smart as possible while also creating the situations where those options are optimized. That’s much harder to do. It doesn’t show in the my game vs Typhus, but I had the Astral Weapon in my hand for quite some time and had to create an opportunity where I would hit 2-3 creatures with it in order for me to gain enough tempo out of the play … the adventurer he played after placing his creatures in a circle was a welcomed bonus.

In other card games like Magic the Gathering, I would agree card advantage can eventually play a huge role in the outcome of the game since you draw only one card per turn and can’t keep your unspent “mana” for the following turn. That’s not the case in Faeria where you can draw 2 cards per turn if need be and you keep unspent Faeria.