Best Commons?

Hi there! So I started playing Faeria about 2 days ago and I’m feeling very… Confused? :scream_cat:
I’m not sure how to describe it. Basically, I came from Hearthstone because I felt like it was very pay to win and sometimes felt like I was losing out at ranked etc because I can’t put much money into it to get fancy exclusive cards. Anyway, the point is: I was very well rehearsed in the best cheap/common cards to use on Hearthstone and Faeria is a whole 'nother game, I feel very out of my comfort zone.

What are the best/better common cards that are more or less a staple to a deck according to colour? (I prefer mono green and mono red decks but am happy to play any colour) And also, what are the cards that are 100% bad and should be used to craft better ones.
Lastly, any recommendations on youtubers to watch who discuss this topic and provide easy to digest info on deck building and better strategies?

Thanks in advance! :smile_cat:

I am kind of new too.

There are a lot of good common cards.

Green: Elderwood Embrace, Tiki Caretaker, Tiki Piper, there are a lot of them

Blue: Ruby Fish and Sturdy Shell (for faeria harvesting), Aurora’s Disciple, Triton Warrior, Shifting Tide, etc.

Red: Firebomb, Gift of Steel, Underground Brigand (I am not familiar with red deck)

Yellow: Soul Drain, Oradim Fanatic, Oradim Templar, Wind Soldier, Khalim’s Follower, etc.

Someone more experienced would probably come up with a better list. These are only cards I like to play. :sweat_smile:

Did you get a recruiter? You get freebies as you level up. Do it asap. And recruit others for more freebies.

Also use one of KrippFaeria and FaeriaKripp for 4 more free chests. Not sure which one still works.

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Thank you so much! I did get one of Krip’s codes and I think I’m too high a level now to add a recruiter, I’m level 20 now :smile_cat:
If I can though, I’ll add you as my recruiter :smiley_cat:
And thanks for the recruiter website! I saw it earlier but was a bit worried when it kept saying my username was invalid despite being logged on, was worried it was a phishing site. It seems to be working for me now though = w=

Also I will take note of these cards you mention, the Tiki Caretaker has won me quite a few games. I just made a green blue deck and it seems to be super effective so far! I’m using the green side for buffing and large monsters and the blue side for some control, card draw and fast jumpy frog dudes.


Youtube: <-- Good tutorials <-- gameplay of decks

and also go to
If you type in “budget” you will find many good decks wich don’t require many rares or epics.

And welcome to Faeria :slight_smile:


Glad I can help. :relaxed:

You can try recruiting at steam and reddit too. More players over there so more chance of recruiting. Not many know about the link I gave before so actually not very good for recruiting.

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