Best Tempo Contest (Turn4)

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#####by Zaldinfox

The first Team Turn4 contest is out! Until Friday June 23 11:00pm (EST), submit a video clip of the best possible Tempo play by turn 4 to win!

Submissions will be judged based on how powerful a board players can establish by the end of turn 4 of the second player. More bodies, more well-control, more land advantage, more damage, the better. While OTK decks represent the ultimate form of tempo, for the purposes of this contest, more points will be allocated to players who dominate the board, especially Faeria wells. The goal is to see who can generate the biggest snowball by turn 4.

-A special Discord role available exlusively to winners of Turn4 contests.

-An emoji of choice in Turn4 discord (either you design it, create it, or suggest it)

-A pin of the winning video

-An exclusive write-up extolling your genius in an article on the Hub

If you have any questions, feel free to PM zaldinfox, and look forward to more :turn4: competitions (hopefully with monetary prizes) every couple of weeks.

Enjoy ~Zfox