Better Historic

I’ve noticed that the Historic on the left side when you play a game is incomplete, and instead of helping you, it confuses you:
I reproach it different things :
-it shows when you decide to draw or gain a Faeria via the action-wheel but it doesn’t show you when you create a land.

-when you play a card, it doesn’t show you which cards are involved : A Tiki Caretaker won’t show you wich creature gets +3/+3, same thing for blazing salamander, and all of these cards, and when a card gives automatically a buff after you summon a creature, nothing shows you that the card gave the creature you’ve summoned a buff.

-It would be cool if production effects and effects that triggers automatically where shown in the historic (when they trigger).

And also, that’s hard to differenciate the action you’ve made and the action your opponent made, I know the square is white when it’s your action and black for your opponent’s action, but it’s barely noticeable.
Just make that square a little bit bigger (or make the circle where the cards’ picture are smaller).

Btw: I love the game, it’s great and it has a lot of potential. :slight_smile:

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Yep, I definitely hope it gets improved; however, it will probably be a while before we see something petite peu like this addressed.

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It’s an important thing, especially for new players that may not know all the cards. It’s hard for new players to keep track of all the things that are happening.
By the way, forgot to mention, that
-trade should also be in the historic
-same for last words

Thanks for your feedback Monkey75! We indeed absolutely want to improve the history of in-game actions, as we believe it is an important piece of the understanding of the game.

Answering by points:

  • Land options from the action wheel seems missing, thanks for the report (initial thought is to avoid too much flood, and it’s harder to track faeria/card count for the player)
  • We want to display the source of actions for a long time but this is really complex to add. We’ll keep you updated about that feature.
  • I believe this would be improved naturally with the feature mentioned above. (last words as well)
  • I agree about player/opponent contrast, it will be improved for the next big client update.
  • What do you mean by ‘trade’? Life loss for combat history?

A trade is when you fight two creatures, you smash your creature into your opponent’s creature (and they both lose HP equal to their attacks). This is the word we use in Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft (and in most other TCGs in general).

Thanks for response, I’m glad this will be improved ^^

I know what’s a trade but thanks for your kind answer :wink:

Actually I was asking about what you meant because trades are already in the history, but you can’t track them on the board (so this would also be the same feature: displaying the ‘source’ of effects on the board in the history).

They already are in the historic :open_mouth:
I didn’t notice them x)

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It would be really nice to have a better History.

My wishlist:

  1. Make the History scrollable. It would be perfect if it would be infinite, but there should be at least two turns shown (the current one and the whole opponent’s last one).
  2. Add the turn counter there as a delimiter — the History is the perfect place for the turn counter, this way it would be also easier to differentiate between who did what.
  3. In addition to planned showing of where the buffs went, it would be nice to highlight the hexes where the creatures were played.
  4. It would be perfect if the History also shown the moves of creatures, with highlighted paths/source hexes.

The order of items in my wishlist is important as without scrollable History adding more actions there would make it impossible to use, and having proper delimiters as a turn counter would help tremendously.

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Thanks for your suggestions!
I didn’t think about scrollable history, but it would be useful (also I think we could add some slots)

I don’t really think making it scrollable scrollable would be necessary as it would probably be confusing if you scroll down and then something happens that shifts the whole thing

as long as it covers the last turn it should be fine - sure there are a few instances where there’s so much happening on one turn that this will break through a fixed number of events but those cases are rare and usually you can see what’s happening anyway