Big Butt Decks

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to build a high health creature deck that takes advantage of Gabrian Enhantment and/or Gabrian Enchantress. As of now, I’m not even sure what type of deck to use as a shell for this deck archetype, but it seems to me it has to be some form of tempo or control deck. I’m only at Rank 8 currently and my deck building skills are highly suspect so I thought I’d get any opinions others are willing to offer. I’m not looking for a top tier deck, just something that is fun and can sometimes win.

So far, I’ve created a Red Combat deck with Blue splashed in and a Blue Green deck. I’ve had more success with the RB Combat deck, but I suspect that what I’ve made is actually just a weaker less consistent form of a regular Red Combat deck. The Blue Green version is really rough and likely has cards that need to be ditched in favor of 3 ofs for others. In any case, let me know what you think if you have time, either particularly about the unrefined decks I have listed below or ideas about the concept using a different kind of build altogether.

BR Big Butt deck

The Emperor’s Command
Syland Horsemaster X 2
Crystal Flower X 2
King’s Guard X 3
Siege Engine X 2
Gabrian Enchantment X 3
Seifer’s Wrath X 3
Flame Burst X 3
Gift of Steel X 3
Grim Guard X 3
CAP-10, Sky Pirate
Shedim Brute X 3
Krog, the Ogre King

BG Big Butt deck

The Emperor’s Command
Crystal Flower
King’s Guard X 3
Siege Engine X 2
Magnus, King of Meroval
Feed the Forest X 3
Shamanic Dance X 2
Tiki Piper X 2
Elderwood Embrace X 3
Living Willow x 3
Deepwood Grizzly X 3
Gabrian Enchantment X 2
Gabrian Enchantress X 2
Frogify X 2