Big problems in pandora! "Bug"

Hey, i played Pandora (28.11.2016 ; 0:15) and i had a very big problem… i lost 2 games because the game let me not to place more then 1 monster every turn. I played 1 monster from my hand and the other monster was locked then… i had enought faeria and fields. Spells was fine, only the monstery was buggy…

Sry for my bad english and i hope for a fast fix. I cant play with this problem.

I’ve been playing Pandora but haven’t seen that problem.

Do you have a screenshot of a situation where you were unable to play a creature? That might help to diagnose your problem.

The only way this can happen (unless it’s really a bug) is when the special lands you need to summon creatures are already blocked by other things. I’m pretty sure that happened, especially as you said that you already summoned one, which probably blocked the last special land you had open.


If you can supply a screenshot of the issue that you are experiencing, please, then i’ll investigate what may be causing it. Thanks.

I have no screenshots sry… and my fields wasnt blocked. I was legendary 7 season 1 and i go every season legendary again… i play not first time faeria. :smiley:
Now is Pandora fine, i can play. (:
But i had rly this bug!