Black Plague

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This deck has been serving me quite well. The idea is to play conservatively & get to late game, time your doomsday well enough and its often gg from there. I’ll explain each cards purpose=

Hold the line is heal this deck needs, and can heal AFTER a doomsday proc which is A+.
Famine + Plague bearer is a very sneaky 3+ Aoe damage that isn’t expected from a non red deck.
Balloon fish is here coz it can keep a big creature on board after doomsday and is actually quite useful vs rush (which this deck struggles against).
Radiance is obvious.
Tiki healer is that extra oomph of healing + collector.
Sky yak is here coz it helps the soul eater.
Deathwish Ghoul is efficient 3 damage/collector or a faeria boost after doomsday.
Wind soldier is wind soldier.
Manta Rider is 2 creatures in 1, its a double collector & it (sort of) survives doomsday.
Doomsday is the reason I made this deck.
Soul eater is usually your win condition.

first hands you want a sky yak, manta rider or even a ghoul, a plague bearer can sometimes be a early game collector also. You want to land to the sides and build VERY defensively, double collecting from your own wells if possible.

Dont flood the board too much, but try not to completely loose board control. Balloon fish can dive into double collection which can be very nice, and if you dont want a plague bearer to die on you, balloon fishy will halp. I find myself using the power wheel to draw a lot with this deck due to its flying creatures not needing much land.

Doomsday combos are important, if possible, you want a Imperial Guard, a deathwish ghoul or a double collecting manta rider to die during it.

When you have a 10/10 soul eater pop out of a balloonfish after you wipe the board, you’ll know why I love this deck.

You could maybe include a Soul drain and ditch a balloon fish or deathwish ghoul for it, but it doesnt synergize that well and you already have wind soldier, famine and plague bearer for 1one off damage. But I find that a balloon fish double collecting is better value. +Soul eater needs as many creatures as possible.

Comments and critique welcome :slight_smile:

Land type(s): Neutral, Forest, Desert
Faeria cost: 4.3
Difficulty: Advanced

3x HOLD THE LINE! (1f)
2x FAMINE (2f)
1x TIKI HEALER (4f 2F)
3x SOUL EATER (5f 3D 3F)
2x DOOMSDAY (9f 2D)
3x MANTA RIDER (5f 3D)

So far it seems just a fast way to get killed… I just can’t seem to gather enough faeria to pull the combo, and the lack of creatures makes hard for the soul eaters to grow. I feel helpless, but i like the idea. What am i doing wrong?

Its not a very consistent deck, I will admit. You should only try to harvest from 1 of your own wells (or double collect if you are lucky. Stay on your own side of the board, as your win conditions can get across the board easily. It really comes down to how well timed the doomsday is played and if you’re lucky enough to have a manta rider on board when you do.