Blank terrain decks over powered?

Surely a player with a deck of creatures for flat terrain and 2 terrain placements per turn, will have a 100% advantage over other decks (volcano, forrest, ponds) if they can only place 1 terrain section per turn ?

I just got swamped by “Flat Earth” player and army.

Doesn’t it force a player to have 30% - 50% flat terrain creatures in ALL their decks ?

HI Archaic888!

If you compare the neutral creatures with the colored ones, the neutral creatures almost always provide less stats (attack, health) or effects (jump, charge, haste, gift etc) than a colored creature with the same cost. The advantage of a neutral creature is that they can be summoned on any land you control.
Another downside to only playing neutral cards is that you get very vulnerable to “Punishment” and you dont gain access to all the great events the different colors offer.

30-50% neutral creatures in all decks is very far from the truth (current toplevel meta). The aggresive decks tend to run quite a few more neutral cards than others, mainly because of cards like Steamforge Enforcer that you are able to play close to your opponent already at turn2. The neutral cards also synergize will with the “Angry red” archetype which is why they are used in the deck.

If we look at some comparisons:

Neutral card: Steamforge Enforcer (6f) 6/5.
Green: Verduran Force (6f) 7/7. One Verduran force can kill two Steamforge enforcers. That is 6f invested vs 12f. Ruunins Avenger (6f) 5/5 with taunt that gains more health everytime you take damage. Thyrian Golem (5f, 1 less than Steamforge Enforcer) 5/10. Grove Guardian (5f) 5/6 with taunt.
Red: Crumbling Golem (5f) 6/6 with negative effect. Gut Gorger (5f) 5/5 with potential to be 7/7. Groundshaker (6f) 5/6 with Gift: deal 1 damage to all enemies.

Neutral card: Maceman (cost 4 Faeria) (a card that is considered pretty good atm by many players)
Blue: Battle toads (4f) gives you 2x 2/2 frogs with jump. Gabrain Archon (4f), a 4/4 with charge2 that has the potential to be a 6/6 for (4f). Triton Warrior (4f) a 4/4 with jump.
Red: Bloodwell Sprite (4f) 4/4 with effect. Kobold Warbeast (4f) 5/4.

And the list goes on! Playing colored lands instead of neutrals is an investment that you do, in order to save Faeria later on by playing bigger creatures cheaper than your opponent. If your opponent is only playing neutral cards they are very limited in terms of events and combattricks, take advantage of that!


growing your terrain @ 100% faster than the opponent is FAR more important than slight increases in colour deck creatures.