Blood song

{This is my card group composition: Deranged Monkey×3
Crystal Flower×1 Queen Guard×3 Kobold Barracks×1 Seifer wrath×3 Flame Burst×3
Gift of Steel×3 Underground Brigand×3 Fire Elemental×1 Blood song×1 Grim Guard×3 Crumbling Golem×3 Hellfire×2}
This deck is biased towards rush because I am also coming from a novice so I know that most of the novices will have no money. Simple and practical cards are better for them. Paving method: Take a straight line, then take two pieces of color, this is a personal habit. (There are some cards that can be replaced, but this is the best mode I think can be changed now. If you have better suggestions, you can leave a message)

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