Blue Green Flood SwordFish

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This is the deck I used to climb from r15 to god#20 this season.

The plan is to use our early blue creatures along with the several buffs in the deck to take the board control and a fearia advantage.

In the early game :
It’s very important to focus on collecting fearia on at least 2 wells as our creatures are our only way to generate additional faeria in this deck.
Most of the time you want to contest your opponent gatherer so you wanna build on the same side and start jumping your way up.

In the mid game :
You want to clear you opponent minions to start starving them from fearia so it’s time to take advantagous trades with our buffs and keep spamming collectors on empty wells.
Cards with high powerlevel like Fugoro and Frog tossers will help you to take the lead.

In the late game :
we will try to use our swordfishs and make a good use of gifts of rakoa.
Since our deck spamms a lot of little collectors, frog tossers generate additional bodies , it’s often pretty easy to get a 5+/5+ gift in the late game and start pushing massive dmg.

Matchups :

  • Yellow : Vs almost all yellow archetypes you wanna be the defender, the strategy is to spam as many frogs and early collectors as possible to not let yellow try to starve us out of fearia. They have no Aoe so we can spam freely up to 2 creatures on each well.
    We have better value than yellow flyers and yellow tempo , great early game vs yellow rush.
    So overall the matchup is good for us vs any yellow archetype, rush being the hardest since we have not many taunts and also no heal so an exposive yellow start could easily rekt us. Overall ok tho.

  • Green : Pretty straight forward , we can outrotate their slow creatures and frogify to punish an overbuffed creature. We also have our own buff to contest and make some good trades and yeah that’s a bout it. Unless they get an explosive start with like wood elemental into verduran and you get a slow start most green matchups should be in our favor.

  • Blue :
    We have more buffs and the same creatures but we have no fearia discount ability. Pretty even matchup. Strat is to flood the board since again blue have no aoe but we can get punished pretty easily in this one by an early aurora from the opponent for exemple.
    We dont need to go aggressive unless it’s dream reaver.

  • Red :
    Now this is where it gets tricky. Firestorm and garudan are our worst nightmares. Completly shuts down our flood strategy.
    The best shot we have at winning apart from dodging firestorms is to overbuff and creature , preferably with jump and try to apply pressure this way.

  • Blue/Red Bargain : This deck is probably our worst counter, if you face it well … don’t expect to win:) It’s not impossible but our odds are bad. We wanna try to rush him down but most of the time it won’t work. We are not winning the late game anyway so at least the game will be short :slight_smile:

  • G/Y sac : keep your frogify for the souleaters, try to kill the bone collectors early , go on same side , starve him out of fearia. Good matchup for us.

  • R/G Crackthorn/Salamender : Play around AoE, dont hesitate to overbuff a creature, we can delay our contest on same side since green buffs can be pretty scary , gotta wait the right moment where we can value trade, not worth taking too many risks.
    Overall pretty even matchup, slightly in our favor I would say.

Pros :
-Incredibly strong at taking the board control at all stages of the game through jump creatures + buffs and later on frog tossers.
-Pretty easy to play
-Features Skyward Swordfish

Cons :
-Weak to most Red decks especially Bargain decks