Blue missing any defense against yellow rush

Hi, I’m trying blue decks (jump inspired mostly) and I have found them extremely funny. So progressing in the ranked matches in Gold tier, I am facing many opponents playing yellow rush. Incredibly I have just understood there is no possible defense for a blue deck against yellow rush. No taunt, no symmetrical indirect damage to opponent orb (red combat), no possibility to develop an equivalent direct damage output to opponent orb, no possibility to deploy a sufficient number of creatures to stand on the lands, no possibility to fill with lands the ocean enough fast (cause haste mechanic). I have just to hope don’t face a yellow deck rushing (1 on 3 for what i can see). So disappointing, that is really a very huge lack of balancing afters years of development… Also more expert players than me are suggesting to play Baeru on round 3 as defense…

Try to put “Battle toads” in your deck.

The idea is good and I have a couple in my deck. Problem is that battle toads have 2 life points and are idle until next turn (also we need anyway a bit of luck with mulligan, hoping the opponent doesn’t have Soul Drain), while yellow haste creatures can move and built a dune near our orb, or on our side near faeria fountains or hit our orb to draw cards and use free yellow events the same round they are played (followers, monks, wind soldier, oradrim templar with dash and similar neutral creatures too). The yellow rush simply scale and spread too fast while blue decks consume resources just to reduce the amount of threats. Green and Red have defenses, cheap creatures with taunt or combat to defend or attack indirectly or gain faeria. In practice blue cards miss a couple of cheap alternatives to contain yellow rush while player arranges tactics for the game. At the moment seems blue players can quit the game to save time if they see a dune within 3 squares from their orbs while all the others can still fight to archive a victory.

Playing against yellow rush or any kind of rush deck can be quite annoying indeed, but i disagree that blue jump doesn’t have adequate defense against yellow rush. Try to land block the opponent’s aggressive lands, here a link on how to do this:

Here are some possible defenses Blue has:

  1. Battle toads, which summons 2 creatures for the cost of 1 card, these toads can be used to step on the opponent’s deserts and even fight those pesky Oradim Monks and Khalim’s followers.
  2. Sunken tower, if they do manage to get aggressive lands against you, you can move their lands away with sunken tower, and you can even place the tower near your orb to help block face hits.
  3. Frogify, if the opponent summons a big creature or a buffed up creature (Zealous Crusader) you can just frogify it.
  4. Jump, your creatures have high mobility, you can probably out rush a rush player with your creatures

Try that link i sent you to see how you can prevent the yellow rush player from getting those aggressive lands (near your well) or use sunken tower to move their lands away.

yes battle toads are weak to a soul drain but you get 2 creatures with battle toads, its not likely that the yellow rush player will always have double soul drain in hand so at least one toad will survive. and you can have 3 battle toads in your deck, thats 3x2=6 creatures, your opponent does not have 6 soul drains in his deck.

The point is to slow down the yellow rush’s aggression early on so you can stabilize. He has to spend faeria and cards to remove your creatures that means he’s not spending his faeria and cards to hit your orb. if you can manage to set up collection while defending you can outlast his rush

All your consideration are good, anyway at Gold/Platinum tiers the yellow decks are optimized and the opponents are expert. I already read that link and I played yellow rush myself. I’m new but not so new :slight_smile:

  • battle toads cost 4 and need 2 lakes; that means I m using twice the wheel for specialized lands and i can’t land blocks on 6 blocks for sure; also 2 creatures cannot cover 3 lines of attack and at 3rd round we ll have always a specialized dune in short distance (if yellow player is experienced); battle toads cannot attack the same round and have low life so normally Yellow kill one toad and attack the orb no matter what.
  • sunken tower (that I love) is less effective than toads (and it’s hard to have 3 towers in the deck for mulligan); it moves one block only for turn, while summoning there + haste + land placement can cover 2 blocks (or more depends on the summoned creature)
  • frogify: trust me you don’t want to use this on a single creature with 2 faeria cost, it’s less than a delay.
  • counter attack with jump-dash: the damage output of this strategy is 4 points for round at best (since round 6 while you are not defending), if the Yellow player is expert you die in 3 turns of his at max, no matter what.
  1. All yellow’s haste creatures have 2 desert requirement, plus yellow rush starts out with double neutral so the earliest they can summon a haste creature is turn 3 (the only exception is if the yellow player uses an air elemental). this means you can have your battle toads down by turn 2, before they can summon their haste creatures.

  2. Yellow’s haste creatures can only move one tile (the only exception is wind soldier but that dies at the end of the turn anyways), so they need a land one tile away from your orb to be able to summon a haste creature, move and hit your orb. with sunken tower you can move that land away, making it 2 tiles away from your orb, that way they can’t summon a haste creature, move and hit your orb.

  3. Lol of course your not going to frogify a 1 faeria cost 0/1 haste creature, you can just kill those Khalim’s followers for free, they have 0 attack. if you don’t have a creature ready to attack on board you can summon a Ninja Toad which also has haste, so you can summon it, collect faeria and kill a Khalim’s follower for free all in that same turn. Save those frogifies for big creatures such as Zealous Crusader.

  4. Blue jump definitely has the possibility of out rushing a rush player, if your feeling a bit cheeky/risky you can make your lakes in a straight line down the middle and use the opponent’s lands to jump over and hit his orb, you have Aurora to make a 2/2 toad into a 6/6 and you can also place an aggressive lake to summon your Wavecrash Colossus (even if its not fully discounted), yellow rush will have a hard time dealing with a 7/7 if they don’t run Last Nightmare. Also remember that Shaytan Demon deals damage to your opponent, use this against them to outrace them.

I know that it can be frustrating to play against yellow rush but it’s not impossible for blue jump to beat them. if your still having trouble with yellow rush you can play your Yellow Rush deck against my Blue Jump deck and i’ll show you how it can be beaten. my username is Chriscross, add me if you want :slight_smile:

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Really appreciated your well explained reply. I’ll try to revise the deck to have a counter rush possibility. And I ll add you for sure mate :slight_smile: