Blue Nerf, Green Balance

We saw from the tourny that mono green is very strong right now. However, blue this latest patch has been nerfed down to the ground with both Mirror phantasm and Unbound evolution taking a massive hit.

Playing mono blue was hard, now it’s impossible against Mono green and strong rush decks. And green only had a minor change to Oakling??! if we’re looking at balance, the following cards need review:

  1. feed the forest - too cheap, I think this should be the mana cost of the minion
  2. Spirit of rebirth - should be a 2/2 minion, or a 1/1
  3. Eredon - +1+1 to everything in deck and hand? Really… take out the word ‘Deck’ please
  4. Oaking should be nerfed further to 3/3 - a 4 faeria minion for a possible 5/8 is insane. This should possible even be changed to 2+2 to a random minion
  5. Mirror phantasm should be 6 max… not a 7.
  6. Frogify should be a 4 faeria card, and to be hones, turning anything into a 2/2 with jump is too strong for the other player, I’d like to see a 1/1 frog with taunt, or something
  7. Salamander is now also too cheap, and will appear even more often.

Blue nerfed hard
Rush decks even stronger against blue
Green still too strong

Mono Green just lost Magda - and completely without HardRemoval that’s a huge hit.

Eredon is just barely playable right now as he’s extremely slow - making him only buff your hand on death will instantly delete him out of every green deck.

I agree that Blue has taken too much of a hit given that B/R Control was the reason for the nerf and they only nerfed one card from Red but 2 from blue - especially since the one red card they nerfed wasn’t even that big of a problem (Groundshaker and Garudan where more problematic imho)

This is pretty much my experience post patch.

While I do think that the blue nerfs were to powerful cards, these were the same cards that made blue control possible. They were also the only real counter to mono green, and a soft counter at that.

The game is less interesting to me with the current balancing. (But I prefer reactive/control play).

I am ineptly trying to make a Yellow Rush deck work without turning towards netdecking. And I feel that I am at terrible disadvantage, since easily 4/5 decks I face are mono green or splash green. And all have easily available big taunts, which they proceed to buff. There is little removal in the game, even less that works against large creatures.

It may stem from me playing bad deck, being countered and general noobness, but I feel green is dominant. I rarely can do anything at all once they drop Shamanic Dance or big taunt in front of the orb. And even if I remove it with something like Deathtouch or sac 2-3 creatures I still am far behind and they drop another…

Mono green is awesome in terms of slow control and grinding opponent down, but its basicly all what it can do. If they do this nerfs they gona literaly kill green cards. Btw mono green is realy bad vs range minions, fast face hunters , and red @dmg opponent@ cards. You just have to pick right card to deal with em.

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