Blue Red Gemshell nerf suggestion

“Gabrian Archon: Charge 2. becomes a 6/6 if you have played 2 7 cost creatures. Again: creatures. Not Windfall! C r e a t u r e s.”

please put this on archons description abrakam thx i luv u :*

How is that a nerf to BR gemshell??

If anything, it nerfs Archon in the less inbred decks. BR gemshell is the heaviest deck reguarding cost >=7 cards, and also is the heaviest deck regarding cost >=7 creatures (bargainer, gemshell, Magnus, battler, behemoth, Garudan…).

It would mainly blue 7, which doesn’t have access to bargainer.

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The way i see it Blue-Reds balance is basically bad rng. Its the strongest deck in the game and absolutely unbeatable if it gets the right draws and the right bargains and so on but on the other hand it can have clunky hands where you cant play bargainer safely and then you play it and you get a bad hit and that slows you down and you get rushed and lose. So far so good (i mean thats a really dumb dynamic but whatever.) The one thing bargain can do tho aside of gambling is just do nothing for 2 turns and then double windfall sit on a mountain of faeria and have acces to 6/6 archons which is completely broken and very hard to counter. I think the dck just shouldnt be rewarded for doing literally nothing. Not even more that is. Blue sevens has a lot of 7 cost creatures aswell tho but also that deck isnt viable anyways and even in that the windfall archon interaction is broken. Its broken in general and the thing is widfall is literally the only event that is ever put in decks with archons that also procs archons. I mean theres also hellfire but thats not as strong. So its just a way to get rid of the windfall archon interaction which rewards doing nothing.
My point is every 7+ cost card has an element of RNG (except Garudan.) to it that you want to minimize before you play it i.e. you cant always play it safely but sometimes have to and thats risky and can go wrong and thats the balance of the deck (which is stupid but whatever). Every 7+ card except windfall. There is no downside and no risk to playing windfall and if you have your archons it is enough to win the game. I dont think the stupid rng deck should also have acces to a surefire unpunishable way of getting a massive advantage with no rng involved.

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