Blue Yak in Pandora

2/4 for 4 which gains +2/2 each time it collects faeria.
These guys can be placed right next to faeria wells to become 4/6 next turn (and cleaning 4 hp is not easy, and hard removal is rare and expensive in Pandora, 4/6 is also an alright value in Pandora anyways) Also they STACK with each other and other yaks. (and only 1 lake required)
Not to mention that as they are yaks and therefore they stack well with other yak cards (such as the red yaks if you are lucky) for even more value.

Also, Seifer, Blood Tyrant…if this guy gets a kill he is nearly impossible to remove in Pandora as hard removal is near exclusive to blue and yellow. However, he is not such a big issue