Boards Interactions "Clickables"? Any time soon

Waiting for the opponent to make his move is boring especially if the he waits for the last second.

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In my opinion, thats an inexcusable waste of resources. That kind of interactive animations take too much time and effort compared to bang they provide - esp on zoom out Faeria boards.

If resources were indeed sent to such improvements, I would rather see expansion of static animations.

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Not to be implemented tomorrow, is there any thing like that in the foreseeable future?
When you talk “resource” it’s like gonna cost the company Hundreds of thousands . lol

It’s more time than money. Small studios have small teams and little leeway - artists can work on one thing or another, and more often than not there is a solid “to do yesterday” list. In such scenario the cost of such improvement is counted in things that will not be made because of it - and if then you weight qol improvements and usability improvement to low-impact eye dressing… yes, it costs a lot to implement.

I think things will get better when the code base matures. Once they have ironed out most of the issues with a multi platform release, they can focus on making future content more polished. And if the game continues to grow they could potentially expand the dev team to allow more specialized work for different parts of the game.

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