Bonzo's Self-Harm Sacrifice Guide

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Bonzo here with an interesting deck. I’d like to share more of the creative side of deck making, instead of the same old meta lists. For anyone wanting to try out my list above, its not the easiest deck to play so I’ll help some of you out with some tips.

Nr. 1:

NEVER play 2 Annoying Gnats on the board! Unless you’re opponent is Aurora A.I. this will certainly get you killed faster than you can say “Radiance, Imperial Airship”. Yes there are 2 Gnats in the deck, but this is for draw consistency. Besides you only really need one.

Nr. 2:

ALWAYS draw first. To get this baby rolling you’re goal is to get extreme synergy for murdering that pesky fly. Weeping Idols and Spirit of Rebirth are your vermin extermination buddies. So each time before you kill something off, try to use Earthcraft / Healing Song / or Village Elders dying wish to get the synergy going.

Nr. 3:

Be sure to acquire lands at least 3 tiles away from your opponents orb. You’ll need these in order to quickly finish the game with a giant Soul Eater or Radiance. You should not have any trouble getting the lands with 3x Earthcraft. Also more often than not, Annoying Gnat will respawn on the enemy side of the board, giving you easy acces to an agressive desert to put pressure on with Altar of Souls.

Nr. 4:

This is a risky deck, but don’t be afraid to send your Gnat off to the slaughter house, even if you wont kill anything with it. Have no mercy on this little ■■■■, for his death will not be in vain. Each time it dies your Soul Eaters will grow, and also your Wild Avengers which are excellent for defending your few precious life points.

Nr. 5:

You will face difficult choices regarding when to use Healing Song. Always keep Radiance in mind, try to hold on to healing song as long as you can, until you play Radiance. Unless you run out of cards and lost 5 health already. Prioritize healing over drawing. When you’re about to drop the Radiance, start drawing cards and hold your Slaughtering Shadows (6/1 from Altar of Souls) for maximum healing.

Nr. 6:

Dont be afraid to sacrifice Demon Wranglers or Bone collectors for your shaytan vampires when your life total gets low. Bone collector has potential, but when its too late to for him to hit puberty, give the man his sudoku puzzle.

Nr. 7:

Bait out enemy removal with Wild Avenger. Its not uncommon to get a 5/17 taunt creauture which is already quite scary, but Soul Eaters pack the real punch here to crush your enemy.

Nr. 8:

Groundshakers, and Famine are the bane of this deck due to the high amount of 1 life creatures, so keep those in mind. Sometimes its better to hold those cards in order to get the most healing out of radiance.


YASSS! : Annoying gnat, Village Elder, Demon Wrangler, Bone Collector, Earthcraft.

Meh, … : Spirit of Rebirth, Wild avenger, Shaytan Assasin, Altar of Souls.

NOPE: Radiance, Soul Eater, Healing Song, 2nd Annoying Gnat.

Land placement:

Build defensively to the sides, and go for the wells when the opportunity arises. Use Annoying Gnat to get aggresive deserts.

Special Matchups:

When facing burn decks, dont play Annoying Gnat or Altar of Souls. They’re not likely to get you much value. Lucky for you, you have a ton of healing and radiance. When you see that first mountain pop up, try to hold Gnat if you can, since everyone seems to love burn with that lord of terror shite. Already played it? Pray to Tarum for a swift and merciful death.


Feel free to make adjustments and share your thoughts with me!

I was recently thinking of making a deck similar to this, and now you have given me a platform to do so. Thanks!