Bots in Multiplayer Pandora are making the mode unplayable

60%+ of games are against AI bots in Pandora Multiplayer. These players usually have generic avatars and wells and it’s blindingly obvious that they are bots. They will lay a land down every turn (10+ mountains), will lay 2 lands down to a well and never move a creature into the well for the entire game, they all move their cursor in the exact same manner, never emote, etc. They are entirely a waste of time to play against.

Pandora Multiplayer is a multiplayer mode. Why are there bots? I’m not sure if these are officially sanctioned or 3rd party accounts grinding with the available black market bot engine, but this is absolutely ruining the Pandora Multiplayer experience and the accounts in question need to be disabled and/or banned. I’d much rather sit in queue than waste yet another interesting brew on a lifeless husk of an opponent.

I have played lots of Pandora recently and have yet to meet anything like you describe.
Could you record a video or something, perhaps?